Environment Commitment

As a responsible corporate citizen, Boss plastic is dedicated to protecting human health, resources and the environment. This commitment goes beyond what is legally required by the law of the land has been integrated into the active running of our business

  • Good Corporate Citizen Above all, we will strive to be a good corporate citizen producing products that help restore and preserve the environment
  • Reduce waste We will directly and indirectly reduce waste and effluence and conserve resources.
  • Respects laws We will respect the environment laws of the land and strive to evolve standards that make the world a cleaner place to live in.
  • Employees conduct We will ensure that employees conduct themselves in a manner compatible with the company's environmental policy and objectives
  • Highest quality We will produce goods of the highest quality as a means of preserving the environment
  • Maximize efficiency We will pursue technologies that maximize material efficiency without any adverse impact on the environment
  • Assess impact We will continually assess the impact of plants and products on the environment and the communities in which it sells
  • Educate the public We will strive to educate the public on issues concerning environmental conservation.