Managing Director's Message (Marketing)

Mr. Azam Mughal Observers might question why BOSS is publishing an environment report even though injection moulding process is cleaner and usually generates no effluents. We recognize that: Co-operation is essential. Environmentalists, businessmen, scientists and the government must work together to make this world a better place to live in. Information is critical. The more it is available for analysis and awareness, the more effective solutions are. So the environment friendly document is essentially a testimony to our broad conviction that business and industry must leave the world a better place than it was before they started.

This broad commitment extends to BOSS as well even though our operations do not adversely affect the environment. We are making a positive but indirect profound impact. Because moulded products made in the country can be recycled, the industry has successfully put off deforestation own a long term basis. Extending this argument, we hope to implicate our vision demographically across the country to let green trees help the natures eco system. Contrary to the prevailing view that plastics degrade the environment, the increase use of moulded products is helping to raise our standard of living for the foreseeable future and the health of the environment beyond. Boss's Value proposition to make this world a better place revolves around.