About Us

Pakson International Plastic Industries was founded in 1989. BOSS Plastic Pvt Limited.is one of the fastest-growing companies in the moulded plastics industry in Pakistan. The Company enjoys a national leadership position in its product line, that is moulded furniture, as demand for these has exploded over the last few years.

BOSS has successfully leveraged the opportunity by growing its capacity faster than the industry average. BOSS has successfully manufacture all the essential products that are used in daily routine. We are currently working on different highly comfortable products that give ease to our clients.

We are currently working to produce high quality:

  • Plastic Chairs (public chairs, garden furniture)
  • Revolving Chairs (computer revolving chairs, executive chairs, office furniture)
  • Steel Plastic (steel plastic furniture, steel plastic chairs & tables)
  • Public Sofa (waiting room furniture)

Some more key products of BOSS Pakistan that are highly quality:

  • Snack Tables ( plastic tables, folding tables, computer tables)
  • School Furniture ( study chairs, study desks, study furniture)
  • Baby furniture ( kid furniture, children furniture)
  • Household (plastic tubes, plastic stools, flower pots, house hold plastic furniture) etc.

Managing Director’s Message (Marketing)

Mr. Azam Mughal Observers might question why BOSS is publishing an environment report even though injection moulding process is cleaner and usually generates no effluents. We recognize that: Co-operation is essential. Environmentalists, businessmen, scientists and the government must work together to make this world a better place to live in. Information is critical. The more it is available for analysis and awareness, the more effective solutions are. So the environment friendly document is essentially a testimony to our broad conviction that business and industry must leave the world a better place than it was before they started.

We are making a positive but indirect profound impact. Because moulded products made in the country can be recycled, the industry has successfully put off deforestation own a long term basis. Extending this argument, we hope to implicate our vision demographically across the country to let green trees help the natures eco system. Contrary to the prevailing view that plastics degrade the environment, the increase use of moulded products is helping to raise our standard of living for the foreseeable future and the health of the environment beyond. Boss’s Value proposition to make this world a better place revolves around.

Managing Director’s Message (Production)

Mr. Azam Mughal Since the inception of Boss Moulded Furniture, our goal is to bring quality productions in plastic furniture, household items, revolving, and steel plastic. BOSS Moulded Furniture owes its leading position in the plastic furniture industry in Pakistan and our focus is to become world class manufacturing unit with state of the art technology. Our manufacture products used by different sectors of Pakistan & also we export our products abroad as well. Also, gain great response from them. More furniture products are made up by us that are widely used in the academics & corporate sectors of the Pakistan.

Our wood products are widely used in academics like schools, colleges & some corporate companies because it gives great comfortable & eases to every person who is using it. Every stage of product evolution design, development, manufacturing, assembly, and quality control, is carried out meticulously. After constant research on our performance, we have learned to satisfy the client’s expectations. Our Methods are very simple We Plan, We Prepare, We Execute and Deliver the Commitment. This broad commitment extends to BOSS as well even though our operations do not adversely affect the environment.

Top Products of Pakistan

Chairs & Tables Range

Chairs & tables of different qualities & designs are manufacture here with great reliability that give comfort to everyone.

Kids Collections

Provides kids collection like tables & chairs to the schools & also study tables that gives them ease for studying.

Table Sets

Also, manufacture the table sets that are used in house while all the family members having meal.

Computer Table

Separate computer table gives ease to work freely and also made up with flexible wood that gives it lifetime thing.