Stylish Moulded Plastic Furniture: Blending Affordability with Elegance

Elegance is when the inside is as beautiful as outside. At BOSS Moulded Plastic Furniture, we focus on including elegance and quality to make sure that the best plastic furniture goes to your homes. Landing at this page means that you are looking for the ideal moulded chairs online.
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Or, maybe pliable table sets or crystal chairs online search has brought you here. With several unique furniture ideas and home decor and furnishing options at BOSS Furniture, we’re sure to take you to the perfect chairs and tables that you are looking for. You can freely roam around at BOSS Furniture and pluck out what is the best furniture option for you that completely fits your needs. While browsing, you will notice how finely and smoothly you can glide past a variety of different types of furniture ranges online. The designs at BOSS are unique and our furniture pieces, from chairs and tables to sofas and office furniture, are true definitions of quality and excellence. We priorities our customers’ design-and-style needs to provide them with the most affordable and lavish furniture options online, at a few clicks distance.

Create Welcoming Indoors & Outdoors: Buy Plastic  Furniture

Interiors and exteriors equally require some revamping and decor to look welcoming. As outdoor furniture, chairs and tables made of high-quality plastic are a perfect online purchase. Similarly, for indoors, seating and dining needs can be met by buying from a cheap and durable moulded furniture range.

Eclectic Collection of Moulded Furniture Range: Shop Online!

Shop the styles that refresh your mood when you put a glance on the furniture spread around your space. Your spaces will gleam and dance with joy if it is BOSS Furniture range that embellishes them.

At BOSS, the moulded furniture category consists of Regular Furniture range that further lists a variety of colourful and stylish moulded furniture options. Flexible armchairs, large and small rattan tables, flamingo chairs, rectangular glass tables are a few of the items you’ll find in moulded furniture range.

Crystal Furniture Range consists of finely etched and carefully crafted modern design plastic chairs. Here, we have Juliet Medona Chair, Crystal Tree Chair and more contemporary furniture styles to adorn your spaces. How can we forget the comfort of the elderly of Pakistan while they are offering prayers! We cater to every age group and so we bring forward the Namaz Chairs Range. These are one-seaters with attached wooden desks for additional front -support for people of old-age. Similarly, in Tables and Chairs Range, you can explore a wider range of moulded furniture that consists of deluxe plastic tables and chairs, flexible round and square tables with magnificent stickers on the table-tops. Moreover, BOSS Furniture lists table sets in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours. Here, you can explore options like Rattan armchair and table sets, sofa sets with printed cushions, King table set with chairs, oval shell chair and table sets etc.

Super-comfortable, Less Costly and extremely-durable are the common sought-after attributes in a perfect furniture purchase. Fortunately, BOSS Furniture incorporates these features in each furniture piece that we list online and that is available in stores. Keep browsing BOSS Furniture and experience best-ever online furniture buying processes.

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Boss B-102 Full Plastic Flamingo Chair

 1,865.00  1,695.00

Boss B-213-SW Steel Wood Square Table

 8,695.00  7,905.00

Boss B-214-SW Steel Wood Square Table

 7,440.00  6,760.00

Boss B-215-SW Steel Wooden Round Table 39″ With Silver Frame

 9,655.00  8,780.00

Boss B-215-UW Steel Wooden Delux Table (2.31 X 3.63) Silver Frame

 8,830.00  8,030.00

Boss B-217 Rectangular Glass Table-Medium

 19,990.00  18,175.00

Boss B-218 Rectangular Glass Table Large

 27,300.00  24,820.00

Boss B-236-W Steel Wooden Round Table 39″ With Silver Frame

 9,920.00  9,015.00

Boss B-246-SW Steel Wooden Deluxe Table Silver Frame

 9,210.00  8,370.00

Boss B-246-UW Steel Wooden Delux Table (2.31 X 3.63) Silver Frame

 8,330.00  7,575.00

Boss B-330 Full Plastic Small Double Shelf Table (16.5 X 24)


Boss B-446 joint Bench Desk for Masjid 1-Seater

 9,000.00  8,185.00

Boss B-447 Joint Holo Bench Desk for Masjid 1 Seater with Standard Height

 8,340.00  7,580.00

Boss B-810 Full Plastic Flower Chair


Boss B-826 Full Plastic Regular Chair


Boss B-917 Joint Bench with Wooden Desk Double Channel 1-Seater

 14,005.00  12,735.00

Boss B-928 Joint One Seater Desk With Fiber Top

 15,490.00  14,080.00

Boss BP-109 Steel Plastic Round Table 32″

 6,560.00  5,965.00

Boss BP-199-UC Milano Shell Chair With U Frame And Cushions

 8,970.00  8,155.00

Boss BP-206 Relaxo Chair With Silver Legs

 3,020.00 4,900.00

Boss BP-214-S Steel Plastic Square Table (2 X 3)

 5,230.00 6,670.00

Boss BP-229 Full Plastic Improved Double Shelf Table

 3,290.00  2,995.00

Boss BP-248-S Steel Plastic Printed Round Table

 15,770.00  14,335.00

Boss BP-295-WL Elegant Table with Strong Base and Tempered Glass on Top

 13,970.00 17,295.00

Boss BP-309-PC Poly Carbonate Crystal Tree Chair


Boss BP-310 Denny Max Armless Chair with Silver Legs

 3,030.00 4,195.00

Boss BP-313 Stylish Tree Chair – Boss Puro

 3,865.00 5,510.00

Boss BP-315 Lexus Queen Armless Chair with Silver Legs

 3,895.00  3,540.00

Boss BP-316 Lexus King Chair

 4,320.00  3,930.00

Boss BP-317 Mega Jhony Pure Plastic Chair with Steel Legs

 4,010.00  3,645.00