Shopping & Delivery Terms


Did you use any shipping service?

No, we don’t use any kind of shipping service(s). We will delivery your order from our nearest Boss Outlet or Dealer. Currently we are providing you with shipping service all over the Pakistan. We always try our level best to deliver item from any corner of Pakistan and to deliver in 2 to 3 business days.

What is estimated delivery time?

Estimated delivery time will be 2 to 3 working days for regular orders. While for corporate or INT. orders delivery time will be different depending upon the order. We always try to deliver it to you within same day of order placed.

All orders being delivered to you using Boss Moulded Furniture’s official Network. We always try to use best possible ways to deliver your order straight towards you. if you don’t receive your order within given time period then please don’t worry as we will be processing your order and will deliver it you. However if you still got any queries regarding shipping then you can contact us anytime.

Shipping or Hidden Charges?

There are no hidden charges on any kind of purchase the shipping charges will be mentioned as you place your order but for the bulk items shipping charges may apply. If there is any corporate order then there will be bilty charges (cargo charges) will be charged separately.

For regular shopping there will be FREE shipping upon order of 15000. If your order is less then 15000 then you will be charged with shipping cost of almost 400 to 500 depending upon the distance from Boss Outlet or dealer.

Normally offer FREE shipping within 2 to 3 KM Range from Boss Outlet.

*Please note that this shipping policy is only for online orders.

How can I Track my order?

We always try our level best to deliver item at your doorstep at given time frame. We always try to deliver your order within 2 to 3 business days. If the stock is confirmed and is available on outlet or at our dealer shop then maximum time will be 1 working day or if its not available then it may take 4 to 5 or even sometimes 7 working days to deliver your order. However if you not hear from us till 3 to 4 days or haven’t receive your order then you can contact us on our official landline number (+92-55-3842891-7) or may register your complaints on

What to do if I no longer need order?

If you have placed an order and then you think that you don’t need that order anymore or you want to cancel you order then simply contact us anytime within 24 hours after placing order then we will cancel your order before its being dispatched.

In other words if you have received your order and after sometime you realize that you don’t need your order anymore then you can contact us we will accept your return in only case if item is not being used. If its used then we’ll not accept any return.

What to if I received a Damaged Item?

If you have received a damaged item(s) or if there is any quality issue regarding item then don’t accept that item you can return/exchange item(s). We are responsible for the whole process of return or exchange and if there is any color issue or you don’t like item after you received it or any other issue and you still want to return then you have to pay the shipping cost.

What to check If I received my order?

  • When you received your order you have to check weather it comes according to your desire? Weather you received the exact product you have ordered or not
  • If you ordered chair then check by sitting on chair properly and check weather the chair can bear up your weight and if you have ordered table then check its dimensions properly
  • check and confirm that you haven’t received a damaged product
  • If you received a damaged item then you can return it or request an exchange.
  • if the item ordered has extra stuff with it like cushions with sofa & chairs check properly that everything is available
  • Make sure that Boss Logo is present on all Boss products. If its not then you can complain and contact us


There are 2 methods for shopping:

Method-1 (Online Store)

You can do shopping online from our online store you can find all items and ranges in our online store and can order anything we will receive your order and process it on same day then will find the nearest dealer or outlet near your home address and then will ship your order after confirm stock availability.

Method-2 (Visit Boss Outlet)

You can visit our Boss Outlet physically and do shopping with wide range of display of Boss Items. You can also get discounts on our outlets by shopping more then 5000. For more details about our official outlets please click here.

After Delivery (for all orders)

once we have delivered order successfully and left customer’s premises then we are not responsible for anything and we will not entertain customer. If customer still want to get any service or want to return or exchange then customer will pay visit charges to provide extra support. Our team member will come and provide service.

We also request our customers to be present on time of delivery so that the order can be handover to the authenticate person and if he/she has any questions regarding order our representative will assist you.