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The Fear Of Being Sober

Join our online community to learn more about addiction and treatment. More people seek treatment for alcohol than any other substance. I was single most of my life, and then I met someone who wanted to marry me. It never would have happened if I’d kept drinking, or if it had happened it would have been with someone fear of alcohol as diseased as I was. But I had an amazing partner, and the fact that we’re not together anymore does not mitigate that whatsoever. My former partner is one of the most amazing human beings I have had the pleasure of meeting, knowing, and loving. Since I’ve gotten sober, I’ve had a whole other lifetime.

In a sense, becoming sober changes the way that you socialize—but this is far from a negative thing. One of the biggest reasons why being sober is amazing is because this lifestyle change allows you to build stronger relationships and spend time with the people you love.

Fears About Sobriety Are Common, Even For People Who Desperately Seek It

One thing that all addicts have in common when starting recovery is that they are often afraid of the process. While walking the Sober Curious path has meant I’ve confronted a lot of these fears head-on , I’ve also come to realise that the only thing you miss out on by not drinking is…getting drunk. All of us adapt different methods of acquiring knowledge and assimilating new habits. Some prefer to journal or write, unleashing written language and the objective eye of an author to gauge the distance and the depth of painful experiences. Others exercise destructive memories by verbally recounting trauma and confiding in a trusted friend or counselor. And, some find that techniques like meditation, music, or a walk around the block will fill them with the clarity and calm needed to process and release hard times.

fear of being sober

You don’t have to produce some hidden, superhuman strength to be successful at sobriety. All you need is some patience, a little empathy for yourself, and a firm commitment to meeting your goal. Let your sobriety and honest way of living be your penance. You make it up to everyone you ever hurt by never being that person again. Being at a party or trying to find the perfect romantic partner without alcohol is the stuff of nightmares for many people. Even people for whom alcohol is not a problem experience this.

Sobriety Fear #8: People Wont Like The Sober You

11 common fears people have that keep them from exploring the sober side of things, dispelled. Everybody is a little scared when they first get sober. Your job is to recognize the fears for what they are – little lies we tell ourselves to keep from changing. Sometimes our fears are logical, but mostly they are not. In fact, this fear personally led to a dozen failures in my own sobriety journey. Many of us drink because we need something to turn down the volume on the shame parade running through our brains. If your friends don’t want to hang out with you unless you’re drinking, then you know where you stand with each other.

fear of being sober

He is currently Co-Founder and Chief Clinical Officer for A Healing Place – The Estates in Camarillo California; a chronic pain functional restoration program. Forging new supportive friendships and replacing dysfunctional “using” friendships – 12 step and peer support groups are great places to find more appropriate linkages.

Reasons Why People Are Afraid To Get Sober

If they do, these are people that you need to cut out of your life. Being sober will allow you to make lasting friendships that are real. My advice is to not let the fear of being sober the rest of your life get in the way.

  • You’ll feel the freedom of sober living and no longer feel ruled by your substance use.
  • Examples of setting healthy boundaries can include refraining from having contact with negative or abusive people and avoiding harmful situations.
  • Just like with anything else that’s worth it, it takes time and effort to maintain your sobriety.
  • Not just physically, but it will feel uncomfortable to deal with on a daily basis.
  • Sobriety is often tied to the extreme stereotype of addiction, the old homeless man that lives under the bridge, the heroin addict who shoots up in the bathroom.

Do not assume that you will hate it before you have even tried it. When someone is diagnosed with an alcohol use disorder or substance use disorder , it’s more than just the drug of choice that’s the issue. Many with addiction issues have underlying issues which propel them to use alcohol or drugs in the first place.

What Is California Sober? Get The Facts

You are afraid that being sober will simply be too hard. It might not feel good and it might mean hitting rock bottom, but it’s most definitely not a bad thing. Bad is living a life drenched in fear and drowning in alcohol. Reach out to someone you think may be supportive, see your therapist, or attend a meeting. Support from other recovering addicts and professionals is essential as you navigate your new reality. They are crucial components of recovery that can advise you to rebuild relationships, confront your traumas, and find new social activities.

He has also recently released an Anti-Depression and Mental Health app for Soundmindz. She lives in West Philadelphia with her beautiful black cat, Loviefluffy. We are here to listen to your story and get you on the path toward being sober.

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I believe it’s part of the human condition to fear failing at anything. Fear of relapse can keep us drinking for a long time. But the truth is, making mistakes is part of the human condition as well. We are all flawed and it’s not realistic to think we will be perfect, even at sobriety. You can’t fail at sobriety, you can only keep trying and keep growing. Drug and alcohol abuse treatment can be sought in a variety of settings and specific program types. Many with relatively severe substance use issues elect to attend inpatient or residential rehab programs.

fear of being sober

These programs allow members to obtain sponsors who are willing to guide them through the treatment program. Additionally, Addiction support group attendance – whether 12-step or some alternative program – is a crucial part of many aftercare programs.

The material on this site is for informational purposes only, and is not a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis or treatment provided by a qualified health care provider. The fear of getting sober is more common than we may think. Of course, on the surface, asking if there is such a thing as a fear of being sober might seem like a rhetorical question. Non-addicts may proclaim, “Of course addicts should want to get sober—why wouldn’t they? ” But the problem runs deeper than just simply being able to quit and stay sober. Perhaps the most important task for many people facing addiction is dealing with what put them there in the first place.

Let Right Path Treatment Centers treat you with compassion. Just like with anything else that’s worth it, it takes time and effort to maintain your sobriety. Try and think about this transformative time of your life as the next exciting step in your evolution.

There are sober movements redefining what it means to have fun and challenging alcohol’s role in our social lives. If a booked social calendar is important to you, you’ll find ways to be proactive and realign what you do to fit your new lifestyle. Or maybe on some level you don’t believe you’re worthy of success. If you’ve done some major damage in your past, you might feel like you don’t deserve to be happy and healthy. Fear of failure in sobrietyYou will have good days, you will have hopeless days, and you will every other sort of in between day on this journey. If all of your friends abuse alcohol and/or your spouse abuses alcohol, it makes a lot of sense to be afraid of what will happen next. Let me first say that it is normal to be afraid when you first get sober.

fear of being sober