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W. Taylor gave a wonderful fillip to the use of scientific technique in the growth of effective procedures of organi­zation and management and of budgeting and source. Administration was dealt with as a mechani­cal organisation and was subjected to the rigors of the law of mechanics. Although community administration is now examined from a behavioural angle, still several actions of workplace manage­ment, accounting and manage of materials and source are continue to decided on the scientific prin­ciples.

Measurement of perform, time and motion studies, operate-move charts, price tag accounting and opinion polls are scientific tactics for the solution of administrative problems. rn(ii) The Authorized Process:The lawful process is mainly employed in the continental countries of Europe. In these nations around the world community administration has been studied from the legal or juristic issue of check out. These nations have a lengthy tradition of administrative legislation which offers with the man­ner in which community bodies like the state, the departments, local authorities, public corporations, etc. , are structured and operate and deal with the complications of their interrelation, powers and responsibilities. Administrative study has thus been primarily occupied with the authorized foundations of administrative authority and its procedures. The lawful method has its advocates in Great Britain and U. S. A.

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as effectively. A great offer of the study of regulatory businesses and their adminis­trative method has been examined from the authorized position of watch. The disadvantage of the authorized system is that it neglects the sociological background of admin­istration.

The administrative analyze gets to be far too official and legalistic. Hence lacking the behavioural part. rn(iii) The Historical System:This technique also has been used in the review of administra­tion. Administrative background seeks to explain the administrative institutions and arrangements of these days in the mild of the encounter of the past.

Dr. L. D. White has described the American federal administration in its formative period by way of his four reports entitled The Federalists, Jeffersonian, Jacksonians and the Republican Period. Numerous reports of the numerous phases of War Administration for the duration of Globe War II have appeared. rn(iv) Situation Research Process:This technique is an American contribution to the methodology of general public administration. A circumstance means any certain problem which has arisen and been solved in any administrative agency and its research is worried with obtaining out the instances of the circumstance, the course of action and the techniques by which the choice was arrived at, the factors for the selection, and the evaluation of the choice in the light-weight of the results which adopted. The followers of this strategy hope that when a enough amount of situation scientific tests in various fields of administration are made and published, it will make possible the formulation of rules of administration which will assist the directors in arriving at the good solution of adminis­trative difficulties. In the phrases of Andre Molitor, “the case, as presented to the scholar in the file or monograph, contains each individual possible aspect of the condition. It is most effective offered as a working account embodying explanations of the many procedures as they occur in relation to the cir­cumstances. It offers the investigation scholar with indications relating to the legislative and in­stitutional framework inside of which the problem to be solved by the administrative businesses arises.